DrGw390 – moving on to Site U1557

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May 21, 2022 by Dr. G

(*If you missed my first post on my JOIDES Resolution adventure, I encourage you to start with DrGw390 – Week of quarantine. All posts will be tagged with #DrGw390.)

We spent from May 11 thru May 18 at Site U1557, Hole U1557D. This post has a collection of my tweets from the coring at our second site for Expedition 390, and our first WOW (waiting on weather) event.

We started May 11th moving in DP (dynamic positioning) mode to Site U1557. We arrived at Hole U1557D at 1436 on the 11th. Time to send the pipe down to prepare for coring. In the meantime, there were more sites for me to explore around the ship.

May 12th was a date for RCB coring to begin at our new site – and for a new friendship to be made…

It’s a challenge to keep on top of everything happening back home when you are on the water. And sometimes, there’s just nothing you can do about a request that comes in.

I received a surprise shout-out on Twitter on this day! 500 Women Scientists is such an awesome organization – so glad to be a member and active in the Philadelphia Pod. Looking forward to reconnecting with the Philly Pod when I get back home!

On May 13, the weather started picking up. All of our eyes became glued to https://earth.nullschool.net/

While waiting on weather, I was able to wrap up my week-long Twitter takeover at @IAmSciComm.

Our WOW period coincided with a total lunar eclipse. I tried so hard to stay awake for it. But we all had problems trying to figure out the time zone we were in and when it would appear. I made it to 3:30AM but had to go back to bed. Despite someone knocking on my door at 5:30AM to get up and see it, I never heard them. Oh well, maybe next total lunar eclipse…

In addition to @IAmSciComm, this was my second time doing a one-day guest post on the American Geophysical Union’s Instagram account! It was also nice that our WOW period ended and we restarted coring.

Earlier in the expedition, we had one scientist that was interviewed by one of his local television news stations. Today was a special webinar for the international series Pal(a)eoPERCS, featuring three of our early career paleo-researchers (and amazing people that work the day shift with me!).

Some days I don’t get the images posted that I took them, but this moon pool photo was too good to let it not be posted!

May 18 was our last day at Site U1557. Next up – our final site, U1559.

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