Full collection – Stitching Hope for the Louisiana Coast

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June 30, 2021 by Dr. G

In 2018, I began a journey of quilting stories of coastal optimism in Louisiana – stories centered on adaptation and resilience of the people and communities in southern Louisiana. I have the OCEANDOTCOMM event and the Louisiana Universities Marine Consortium (LUMCON) to thank for the inspiration for this quilt collection.

Each quilt has a summary blog post and video available for a deeper dive into the story represented with fabric and patterns. A YouTube playlist has been created for all the videos of the Stitching Hope quilts. A full virtual gallery for exploration is available in Artsteps: https://bit.ly/stitchinghopetour

Stitching Hope for the Louisiana Coast – Introductory Quilt (blog post, YouTube video)

Christmas Trees for Coastal Optimism (blog post, YouTube video (3 min, 6 min))

Stewarding for the Sauce – TABASCO’s story of coastal optimism (blog post, YouTube video)

Photo of TABASCO quilt hanging outdoors

Growing the Pointe-au-Chien Garden (blog post, YouTube video)

The Limpkin versus the Invasive Apple Snail (blog post, YouTube video)

Salt Marsh Restoration in Louisiana (blog post, YouTube video)

Flood Gate Protection for Terrebonne Wetlands (blog post, YouTube video)

Endangered Species Act and the Louisiana Coast (blog post, YouTube video)

The Role of Local Wisdom in Marsh Protection (blog post, YouTube video)

front of quilt, Local Wisdom

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