Full collection – Stitching Hope for the Louisiana Coast


June 30, 2021 by Dr. G

In 2018, I began a journey of quilting stories of coastal optimism in Louisiana – stories centered on adaptation and resilience of the people and communities in southern Louisiana. I have the OCEANDOTCOMM event and the Louisiana Universities Marine Consortium (LUMCON) to thank for the inspiration for this quilt collection.

Each quilt has a summary blog post and video available for a deeper dive into the story represented with fabric and patterns. A YouTube playlist has been created for all the videos of the Stitching Hope quilts. A full virtual gallery for exploration is available in Artsteps: https://bit.ly/stitchinghopetour

Stitching Hope for the Louisiana Coast – Introductory Quilt (blog post, YouTube video), 48 inches x 48 inches

Christmas Trees for Coastal Optimism (blog post, YouTube video (3 min, 6 min)), 38 inches tall x 42 inches wide

Stewarding for the Sauce – TABASCO’s story of coastal optimism (blog post, YouTube video), 36 inches tall x 40 inches wide

Photo of TABASCO quilt hanging outdoors

Growing the Pointe-au-Chien Garden (blog post, YouTube video), 17 inches tall x 38 inches wide

The Limpkin versus the Invasive Apple Snail (blog post, YouTube video), 44 inches tall x 42 inches wide

Salt Marsh Restoration in Louisiana (blog post, YouTube video), 45 inches x 45 inches

Flood Gate Protection for Terrebonne Wetlands (blog post, YouTube video), 37 inches tall x 47 inches wide

Endangered Species Act and the Louisiana Coast (blog post, YouTube video), 20 inches tall x 43 inches wide

The Role of Local Wisdom in Marsh Protection (blog post, YouTube video), 34 inches tall x 39 inches wide

front of quilt, Local Wisdom

3 thoughts on “Full collection – Stitching Hope for the Louisiana Coast

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