Drawing Down Towards Climate Solutions


June 24, 2021 by Dr. G

In 2020, I shifted some of my science communication and outreach activities to the virtual world – and, to the front door of my house. As it was not possible to share my science quilt collection in-person, I began sewing mini quilts that would fit on the front door and added some supporting text taped to my storm door. This way, people walking by my house could see a piece of science art and learn something about solutions to global climate change. You see, I focused each mini quilt to the sectors of climate solutions defined by Project Drawdown.

I have included here images of each quilt. You can also view a 2-minute video with quick snapshots of the quilt, or view the 8-minute video at the end of this post with my full narration explaining each of the solution sectors in more detail and what the fabrics are showing.

  • Overview - Project Drawdown. Completed March 14, 2021, measures 18 inches across by 24 inches in height. Sashed half hexi pattern.
  • Source - Electricity Sector. Completed April 1, 2021, measures 17 inches across by 21 inches in height. Modified button up pattern.
  • Source - Food, Agriculture, and Land Use Sector. Completed April 11, 2021, measures 21 inches across by 22 inches in height. Brown Goose pattern.
  • Source - Industry Sector. Completed May 21, 2021, measures 27.5 inches by 27.5 inches. Based on Missouri Start Quilt Company’s Irish Change pattern.
  • Source - Transportation Sector. Completed May 23, 2021, measures 24.5 inches by 24.5 inches. Based on Missouri Star Quilt Company’s Snowball Star pattern.
  • Source - Buildings Sector. Completed June 3, 2021, measures 21.5 inches by 21.5 inches. Based on a failed Falling Triangles design from Missouri Star Quilt Company.
  • Sink - Land Sink Sector. Completed June 6, 2021, measures 30 inches by 30 inches. Based on Four Square from Missouri Star Quilt Company.
  • Sink - Coastal and Ocean Sink Sector. Completed June 1, 2021, measures 25 inches by 25 inches. Based on Tile Style from Missouri Star Quilt Company.
  • Sink - Engineered Sink Sector. Completed May 30, 2021, measures 33 inches tall by 18 inches across. Based loosely on Missouri Star Quilt Company’s Diamond Terrace pattern.
  • Society - Health and Education Sector. Completed June 12, 2021, measures 27 inches tall by 30 inches across. Based on attic windows pattern.

I also created a virtual gallery in Artsteps of all the mini Drawdown quilts – please take the virtual tour at https://bit.ly/drawingdowntour

Thank you to my neighbors and educators I’ve shared these quilts with for their enthusiastic reactions and responses to the quilts! Hopefully, each person leaves my front door with more of an awareness, appreciation, and an idea of actions they can take to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

One thought on “Drawing Down Towards Climate Solutions

  1. […] my Stiching Hope for the Louisiana Coast collection and generate a new collection of mini-quilts on Project Drawdown Solutions to Global Warming (the posts also have videos of the quilts). These quilts that have been a part of my community […]


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