CA – 2013 AGU Fall Meeting, Bloggers Forum and Open Mic Night


December 11, 2013 by Dr. G

I spent all day Tuesday with the NASA Social, but I was still able to participate in two more AGU conference events that evening – the Bloggers Forum and Open Mic Night.

DSCN2915I was invited to be a panelist on the AGU Bloggers Forum.  This one-hour event had two of the AGU bloggers (Magma Cum Laude and The Trembling Earth) and myself (representing my Teaching with Technology blog) talking about our blogs and answering questions from the audience.  Questions ranged from how to get people to comment on posts, to how to drive more traffic to a blog.  Dave Petley of AGU’s The Landslide Blog did some live blogging from the session (check out his summary).  I had a very interesting discussion with someone when the session ended about blogging in different languages, and if he should blog in his native language or blog in English which would give him a wider readership.  I can’t wait to begin blogging with the AGU crew – I’m really looking forward to having a conversation about educational technology with a larger audience.

For those that are interested, there are several people blogging while here at the AGU conference.  AGU has a blog roll where bloggers voluntarily submitted information about their sites for others to check out and follow.

After the blogging session, I headed over to the second annual Open Mic Night.  This was an opportunity for scientists to show their creative side by reciting poetry, singing songs, and telling jokes.  This event always provides a good laugh – it is not often you hear sonnets about the ocean, songs about too much CO2, and jokes about moonwalking.  Dr. Richard Alley (Penn State) was the host, and he treated us to two of his own songs (unfortunately, not the crowd request of his version of the Ring of Fire).

So I’m certainly have some fun, but at the same time, it is a struggle to keep up with all of the amazing scientific announcements coming out this week!  For example, NASA released some exciting news yesterday:

(Click on the link above to learn where!  NASA has some great supporting videos in the story worth watching!)

I’m saturated by this point, but there are still a few more days to go!


One thought on “CA – 2013 AGU Fall Meeting, Bloggers Forum and Open Mic Night

  1. […] For the rest of the time, we were encouraged to head over to the AGU Exhibit Hall to attend Hyperwall talks by NASA Scientists (see my Thursday post for a summary of the Hyperwall talk I attended later in the week).  I needed to head on over to the AGU Bloggers Forum to serve as a panelist, and then I saw the group at the final event of the night, the AGU Open Mic for science-themed music, dramatic readings, etc. (see my Bloggers and Open Mic post). […]


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